Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't you love...

it when little mistakes or mix-ups end up turning into little treasures instead.
It's great right?

This cowl scarf you see here was meant for my mother for...Christmas.
But the planner than I am I made this one so far in advance JUST incase I messed up and had time to make another for her.
Well guess what?
I messed up.
 I totally made this cowl scarf wrong from the beginning and didn't notice it until half way through it all. So of course I refused to give it to my mother (expert knitter). 
I mean you know moms and women, we know when everything is wrong.
But because of my mistake it does this weird twisting thing, which is actually kind of cool. So now it has become this little creative treasure of mine and I wear it with it's mistakes and all.


  1. you're adorable - and a pro knitter - the end.

  2. Ooooh so crafty! I am impressed with your skillz. That scarf is way cute.