Monday, March 21, 2011

Reasons why I am turning into my mother...

Besides having the same interest in exotic sunglasses, we are starting to have more in common now that I'm getting older. 
I feel like more than ever I am slowly more and more like my mother.
And these are the reasons why I believe I am now my mother.

1- Well let's get the obvious over with. I pretty much could act as my mother's stunt double. 
(which is quite funny because when I was a youngin' everyone thought she was my nanny.)

2- I drink massive amounts of liquids. Almost ridiculous for the human body, which then results in me going to the bathroom a lot.

3- I like to knit. And she likes to knit baby clothes for me....except there are no grand babies coming ANY time soon.

4- I talk a lot with my hands.

5- I am starting to use sayings like "pot calling the kettle black," and many others under that category

and I'm sure there are more in the mix or up and coming. I guess time will only tell.
But it's never a bad thing okay. My mother is quite the funny lady.

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  1. Lauren..I love you!! I am so happy I found your blog!! Now we can stay in touch! You are so dang cute:)