Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hooray for Too Cute Tuesdays!

Hip-hip Hooray! It's Too Cute Tuesday!
At the Art Institute of Awesomeness for Advertising we like to do things BIG. 
We're a loud and crazy bunch and we don't like to do things the way everyone else would. 
Normal pictures....boring.
So here we decided to master the art of jumping pictures.
Why are we just the most excited clan ever?
It's the first day of March that's why!
You know what March means? March means that spring is coming and spring brings in the great skirt, t-shirt, short and sandal loving weather!

I believe our photo shoot was a success!
Not to mention our guest star Miguel decided to join us because he was looking quite dapper today and also the night before he had stopped us in the hallway and said that he had to be part of Too Cute Tuesdays this week because he was going to look fly for a class that day.
And does he ever!
And might I ad that he just might as well be classified as a jumping picture expert, if there was a title like that that existed because in all of the pictures in the air he looks so perfect.
Like he's practiced in his bedroom many times before. 
I think the bottom right picture of him says,
OH hello, I'm Miguel and I'm just chilling here a foot off the ground like it's no body's business. Look at these fools next to me.

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