Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome day!

More evidence as to why strangers CANNOT take pictures.
Hence the extra head space.
What does extra head space mean?
Thought bubbles.
How thoughtful of this fellow right?
I mean I get to add in my own commentary to my little picture here.

+Forgetting to shave your legs when getting help with new running shoes, and then having your hairy legs exposed to the woman helping put shoes on your feet.
Didn't expect Woolly Mammoth under these skinny legs did ya?
+ When you find a place that not only sells donuts but Chinese cuisine as well.
Uh gross?
+When your TV is so old that the format for programs no longer fit your television screen, cutting off the images, and the fact that it can be still considered a "box"
Maybe time for a new one.
+Chris brown pulled a Sisqo...blond hair
Thong song remix?
+When OLDER women wear spandex of rainbow color and wake up deciding that it was a flattering look for them.
+When it smells in public and you don't know if it was the old man to your right, toddler to the front or your friend beside you.
+When cute babies come out of weird looking people

+ I grew one inch, now 5'5" and hopefully all in my legs. My torso doesn't need anything more.
+No homework stress
+Catching up on sleep
+Churros, the combination of cinnamon and sugar is quite divine.
+Leaving for Utah in 4 days! 
+Thunderstorms that wake you up in the middle of the night
+Last final today
+One week free of school and work

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  1. Hi! I found your blog from Sydney's awkward and awesome link up!
    I love your photo...the best part is the little girl saying, "Winning!" hahaha.