Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday Family Edition!

Isn't my baby brother just so cute on this Too Cute Tuesday!
Other brother aka: little brother (who happens to be 6'3") was out playing a good old game of baseball. He's going to the Major Leagues I'm almost positive.
Well I'm home for spring break and thus had to show us in our natural environment.
Extreme cold.
Yes there is no snow as of now, but it's still freezing.
And knowing Utah it's sunny right now and in 5 minutes you could call me a liar and it would be snowing. 
Yup, that's home for you.
I have missed you home.

Well I forced my brother to pose for everyone in our not so pretty back yard. 
I guess it makes us look rugged? 
Okay probably not.

Hope you all looked so cute!

1 comment:

  1. this is how i remember you! i basically lived at natalie and shanells house and when you wrote on my blog i remembered lauren the girl who lives behind the millers! Haha this picture makes me miss home!