Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

All my friends have babies or having more and when did this happen?

I wonder how many family albums I happen to be in because I work at Disneyland?
I mean I'm around parents snapping pictures all the time. I wonder how many of them I'm that random person in the back looking alert, or in a hurry with a tray or massive amounts of food plates in my hands. After 5 and half years of working there I wonder what the number would be. 
I feel like Kim Kardashian, a celebrity but for no apparent or real reason at all.

Here's an example. This was 4 years ago, I'm the one in the middle with pretty much my whole crotchel area in line with the little girl's face the whole time. Sick. But I will forever be apart of this family's home video tape storage.

and a Happy Birthday to you Sera 
Love, server with crotch in your birthday video.

I've decided that even though high school was, well high school. And my friends and myself thought we were the coolest people in school even though we weren't. And I kind of grew up in Utah where we made our own fun and did stupid things that make me laugh now....
things like:
throwing spaghetti at people's cars
tormenting the crazy lady
driving around with paper bags on our heads
making muddy buddies and going to lagoon
answering people back for dances that have already passed and they probably had a date for
soaping random cars
chasing after deer
feeding the biology teacher's bird q-tips or the turtles skittles
wrestling in pounds of noodles
played fugitive at all hours of the night
mooning people at the major make out points
I wouldn't take any of it back.
What can you say you did?

I miss home.

I also miss Oregon Trail.
I remember finishing my typing exercises super quick in elementary school so I could use my extra time to ride myself and my virtual pioneer family out west.
Where I would place my oxen on fast but on the computer would still seem like they were still going the slowest pace ever.
And risking the chance of my wagon wheel coming off delaying me 3 days where Johnny would then get bitten by a rattlesnake and would later die and that horrible tombstone would come with the dark and scary music.
And we'd come across a river and we'd have to loose 2 bags of food and one of the ox would then die too. And when I made it I was the only one left in my pioneer family as a lonesome 8 year old to fend by myself. But at least I made it and in half the time.


  1. Dang we were so cool. I forgot that we mooned people. Man, i wish i knew the total number of people whom have seen my white butt. :)