Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts on THIS Thursday.

Move over Hannah Montana cause the next tween star has arrived, and Siera looks like the Tomboy friend that all of them have in their shows.
(not that you are one Siera)
Don't I look like I could star in one of these shows?
Just say yes.

I believe that people sometimes do look like their dogs.

Sometimes cars that look like they are smiling scare me a little. 
So now my car when I'm tailgating you makes it look like I'm that much more of a brat. 

 I wear slipper socks sometimes as my regular socks under my shoes because... I like to.
Don't judge.

Can someone just give me a book deal and my own TV show like Chelsea Lately already?

When I pass people when I run, I wonder if they ever look at my butt. 
 Unfortunately all they will find is a nice picture of my massive wedgie.
Then I laugh.
You're welcome.

I amaze myself sometimes how fast I can text. I should be ridiculous and sign up for one of those contest and win money so at least fast texting would actually be a trait worth having.

I decided that if I was homeless and ever got money from people on the side of the highway, I would eat at Souplantation all the time. I mean all you can eat soup and salad....yes please! And take some for the road.

What a dog's life, everyday I just watch my roommate's dog move from sleeping on one couch to the other. 
Can we switch and you design an advertising campaign instead and I'll sleep all day?

It really bothers me that Justin Bieber is advertising for Proactiv, because they chose the one teenager that doesn't really have acne. Great marketing ploy, but I'm not buying it.
I'm pretty sure any celebrity that has become the spokesperson for them really hasn't had acne.
Katy Perry? P diddy?

Saturday I'm leaving for Utah for a whole week! In 3 days! No school and no work!
And excited for the 3 things I'm going to see while I'm there:
and Mr. Man of Mine
Can anyone tell I'm homesick?

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