Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awkward and know what day it is!

Hey Hey Hey lovies. 
It's awkward, it's awesome, it's Wednesday!
So the pictures above are, well weird slash somewhat embarrassing. Especially since I took them at school and other people in the class were watching me take these.
The last photo was supposed to be my hair update. But I cheated...
did I have you fooled?
It's okay if I didn't.

+Teacher (the one I drew a picture of) wears his headphones in class, and drinks a lot of water. What he doesn't know is that he burps extremely loud when he does and we all get to hear it.
+Experimented with a spray tan and looking like I spent the night in the Jersey Shore and was then kidnapped by Snookie.
Let's just say my body has never been that color in real life....ever.
+When a table tries to be funny, but they aren't actually that funny and then they like to make fun of my reaction to their non-funny joke. Then me sitting there with a tray in hand and a blank face and not knowing whether to leave or just keep standing there.
uuhhhh...can I leave the table now? Was this awful joke supposed to be over yet?
+Having a face that not only works as part of my head but as my own personal mood ring. Changes color depending on my mood. Except mine just turns different shades of red.
Embarrassed = lobster red
Laugh a little hard = light red
Warm = pink nose and cheeks
+Lord of the Dance movie?
+Laughing like Mickey Mouse...accidentally.
+Woman who wore a men's extra large button up shirt to a nice dinner. Not knowing one, that it is totally see through and two, that she's just way too old to be wearing that.
Loose your appetite little...Um, I didn't order Nips and Salsa!
 (this moment was requested to be guest blogged by Alina Padilla: teach, lead, and all around girly girl)

+School schedule just got lighter for next two quarters. Woot Woot!
+Experiencing Souplantation for the first time
+Finals are coming! One more quarter down baby!
+Overheard a table intensely talking about Sister Wives, and it took all of me to not speak up and say something.
+Cold cereal is always a plastic 2 am.
Yes I did that. I was already in bed too.
+Honey Nut Chex
+I think I'm catching the creative bug. I hope it lasts until I graduate.
Pretty pleeeease.
+Never having to buy blush because my face is naturally red
+Having ANOTHER pen explode on me...but in my hands this time (this is awesome only in sarcasmland) 


  1. Silly girl! This made me laugh:-) Ummm, random, but the Honey Nut Chex is what I am so obsessed with lately. We bought about 4 boxes the other day. Sometimes I have it for dessert too! xoxo

  2. I love these posts soooo much. They always make me laugh and/or made me totally relate. I am a blusher too and it drives me CRAZY. And isn't it the worst when you blush embarrassingly and then someone POINTS IT OUT and then you blush a hundred times more? Also, my coworkers talk about Sister Wives and then they're like, "Hey, aren't you from Utah.....?" Awkward.