Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means today is awkward and awesome!

One, I love my family dog Shelia. She seriously knows how to melt any heart especially mine. And she never refuses love, which is the best part because I am quite needy.
Two, my feet were freezing in the Utah cold and I didn't want to change out of my slipper socks so I went for the sock with flats Asian look.

+At Souplantation seeing a woman load up 2 plate fulls of chocolate chip cookie bites and go back to her seat to share....with no one. And went back for seconds...what if I wanted some?
+At the student portfolio show one of the valet boys was growing his own baby Jedi braid. 
The force must be with him.
+Eating a big of bite of broccoli and it deciding to getting caught in your throat and not move.
Almost accidental death by broccoli.
+At the grocery store when feeling what felt like a bug on my leg, look down and find a small Mexican baby girl looking up at me while rubbing her little hand up and down my leg.
Uh... no words really and sorry I didn't shave?
Hopefully she didn't cut her hand.
+Trying to put on eye makeup when your eyes are dilated. Let's just say I got my more on my face then actually on my eyes. 
Mimi from Drew Carey Show, I am now her sibling.
+This conversation I had with our server at lunch today:
 Me: Do you have balsamic vinaigrette?
Confused: No, we have honey mustard.
Me: Do you have Italian?
Confused: Yes, we have lemon herb and raspberry vinaigrette, fat free.
Me: What else do you have?
Confused: The honey mustard.
Me: Oh. Um then....
Confused: We also have ranch, blue cheese....etc.
(enough said)

+Being home...warm fuzzy feelings for the cold weather.
+Meetings with old girlfriends.
+I secretly enjoy it when people from school mistake me and my friends for fashion students.
Oh stop! But keep it coming!
+Spending much needed time with Mr. Man of Mine
+Shopping with the Mother, especially since she doesn't like to that often
+Taco Amigo (over priced burgers but tradition and still delicious)
Yes, You may find it disturbing that I get burgers at a taco place, but they are so good! And so are their fries, and fry sauce people! California doesn't serve fry sauce with every meal like Utah does okay!
+Real Mountains with Snow! California, your mountains are not mountains and  they totally suck.
+Alyssa forgetting to get a ticket to park so the arm goes up, deciding to go for it and the arm coming down on her car instead. Died of laughter! And so did the car behind us.

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