Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday, why not right?

When I am elderly I refuse to ever buy a Buick.

I find myself watching reruns of Beverly Ever After and any show that has the word Housewives in it multiple times even though I have them recorded already.
Ridiculous I know.

Call me Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella because if you asked me to get their autograph for you this probably means that I went back in the kitchen and did it myself. 
I make dreams come true.

One time I told a little girl that Mickey made her Mac N' Cheese and she told me to tell him it was the best mac n' cheese she's ever had in her entire life.
And double checked that I told him.
I used to tell people that the lobster claw in the cioppino was what was left of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, even if he was a crab.

I'm probably that person that tailgates you.

Do parents know if their babies aren't cute to the general public but refuse to agree with them?

One time I slipped on a lemon and landed in the splits. It's like I meant to do it but reality I was so glad I didn't pull a muscle.

I went to a Mexican food restaurant and they served sweet bread and butter instead of chips and salsa.
Yeah, my mouth dropped too.

Do people still use AOL?

I miss Mr. Man of Mine. :(

And I'm very thankful for my little cheerios (ad girls). I'm just so glad we all get along so well. Lunch dates!

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