Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Safari

Apparently, I like to sit on fabricated plush animals and take pictures of me riding them.
See I once tried to ride my roommate's dog and take a picture but Wyatt didn't like it so much and was then never documented.
This picture was when I went to New York last year for my birthday. I found it awkward and funny and made me want to visit again. 
I love you New York more than those t-shirts say.

Anyways, too the goods. (sorry this week was crazy busy so not too much to report on the awkward or awesome part.)

+Getting into your car and it smelling like a mixture of peanut butter/chocolate and flowers. 
Where are you coming from smell?
+On your way to work and having a pen explode on you while you're driving. Get to work and it looks like my apron was stabbed.
Cause of death: Death by pen.
RIP apron #324321
+Being a witness of an OCTA driver full on digging for treasure or searching for bats in the cave, whichever you prefer. Him noticing me and just has at it anyways.
You think my awful face would have triggered something in his head.
+The picture Siera showed me of Chris Brown and I was not prepared. 
My reaction was much like that of a 13 year old girl.
+Stepped down from a railing outside at work and having a heavy metal chair break my fall. I kind of just slid down the thing like a slip and slide. 
As evidence of my clumsiness, this embarassing act as left a gigantic bruise down my leg. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those that turn every color under the sun before it's gone.
+My eyebrow from the poor Eyebrow Fiasco of 2010  still grows back weird now. Call me Quasimota (female spelling of Quasimoto).

+Girl Scout cookies, those little children sure know how to get to my sweet tooth.
Little devils.
Can't you get a badge in something else? You're killing me smalls.
+Having Father in town this weekend. I missed him.
(I do call him "Father", and he calls me "Offspring")
+Having cute new sleepwear, taking beauty sleep to the max people.
+Discovering how delicious bread pudding tastes.
+Going home to OOOOtah in 2 and a half weeks!


  1. Hahaha, that picture is awesome. I also love NY with a passion. Have fun in Utah! Say hello to the mountains for me. I miss them. :)

  2. I would say that car smell is AWESOME!!! Mmmmm! Yum.

    I LOVE new sleepwear! Makes me feel so pretty & girly!

    Have a fabulous evening!

    melissa @champagne wishes.