Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Middle of the Weekness!

Hi! I'm Lo and it's a "Mariah Carey" hair day today. It's been awhile, but been missed.
Woooo Hoo! Let's get to it Cheerios!

+When getting your nails done and the lady massaging your arm keeps accidentally bumping her who-has into your free hand.
+When you've over estimated a possible step coming up or down the stairs and either look like your taking the most dramatic step of your life or that you just sprained your ankle from falling on your own weight so suddenly.
+Your face gets so numb that you have no clue that a line of snot is running down your face. Turn to your significant other and they look in horror, "Uh your nose is running." 
+Getting us lost but boldly stating that I am totally right in which direction we were going.
+Bridal shop measurements for my bridesmaid dress. 
Measure my chest and I am a recommended 00. 
How nice of someone. So instead of saying I'm a -1, they invented the 00, which conveniently resembles your chest if you are that size...or bum for that matter...
two flat pancakes.
+My whole experience at the Los Angeles Greyhound station. blah.

+Demonstrating my expected mad wedding dance skills while singing Little Richard's, "Tootie Fruity"
It's my current jam these days
+Siera brought me a present! And a good one.
+92 yr old Mexican G-pa
me: how old where you when you two met?
G-ma: 24 and 15.
G-pa: I really robbed that cradle.
+ Kara's Cupcakes, coconut one to be exact!
+Best weekend in the world!
+Mr. Man of Mine, he is awesome. Even if he's embarrassed by me all the time because I get us lost, and I have a running nose, and I dance in elevators to Little Richard.
This is when we were freezing.


  1. It makes me happy that you guys are still together. :)

  2. You and Ben are so cute together! Cute pic :) Its nice when you find someone that can overlook flaws like a runny nose, or when you think you look your worst LOL! Too funny!

  3. haha can i just say that the whole cold runny nose thing happens all of the time to me? too bad there is no significant other in my life who can tell me so the other people on the subway just stare at me in horror.

    Im so glad you are creeperly stalking my blog. And i am so excited i have another blog to stalk because being a creep/blog stalking people is my favorite.
    So glad we could meet again lauren! I feel a friendship coming on?? unite!