Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous February Thanks

What?!? Two posts in one day? 
Yeah. I know! 
It's so exciting!

Well it's the last day of the month so remember it's time for me to go through what I listed I was thankful for and you will either be entertained or totally bored to death.
Let's go through all the Fabulousness that is February shall we?

1- fulfilling my chocolate desire
2- having a great teacher that makes me excited about what I do
3- final cut pro (editing program)
4- apple pie a la mode
5- feeling healthy
6- days off
7- my little ad girlies from school
8- cute outfits that make you feel good
9- lunch dates
10- cherry on top
11- my ouch pouch
12- movie nights & antibiotics
13- chunky scarf and starting a new book
14- LOVE of all things & ways that people surprise me
15- having time to read
16- being productive
17- home cooked meals
18- nights when it's raining and I stay in
19- flirty fun and great workouts
20- my bed
21- sleep & clean sheets
22- #2, Tuesdays, and Mascara
23- Funny Moments that make bad days go away
Like this below. 
(It's doesn't look as bad, but I washed my gloves and the one on the left was the size of a decent sized midget's hand, after it was all clean. Ridiculously small. And clearly the other is used and dirty. Gross. I guess I laughed that day about it enough to take a picture. )

24- Chili & homemade cornbread
25- San Francisco
26- Mr. Man of Mine & a great/perfect belated Vday :)
27- creative explosions in my mind
28- Kara's

Wow. I really like food.

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