Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday

*notice the orange TOMS, love love love


Well look at us here, just rocking the runway, also known as the school parking lot and we just rolled in in that blacked out GMC in the back. Kardashian style. Ha ha, if only. You think at a school where we are constantly surrounded by creative people that we would have been able to find someone to take a photo for us, but apparently not at this very moment. Thus creating this awkward picture where we may or may not be advertising cars or an after school special. Along with this I hid the urge to bust out some sidewalk chalk and start playing four square and taking dibs that I would end up beating both Siera and Lauren.
Every Monday night I sit and try to muster up what I could possibly wear for the next day. But there's one thing I've learned about my thought process for Too Cute Tuesdays. I tend to think I'm amazing at styling sometimes
Oh my gosh! This and this would be so cute together
Then when I try it on I am faced with the harsh reality that they really don't look good together whatsoever. So I've learned to work with parts of my ideas and to TRY EVERYTHING ON. And because of this process I tend to doubt myself before I walk out the door.
Does this really look good together? Or do I look like a 4 year old trying to pick out what I wanted to wear all by myself for the first time?
Can I wear white shoes after Labor Day?

But I've learned to just go for it. And I think you guys should go for it too! 
What did you wear today?
Join us!

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