Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a love day!


After coming to terms last week that Siera and I would be the only ones attending class on this very lovable and coupley holiday. It was time to turn the tables on the most dreadedness of not having dates.

So we decided to revert back to our 2nd grade days where your mom would dress you up in every pink or red, and sometimes both items that you owned and send you on your way with your Valentine receiver made out of a shoebox and your Hello Kitty valentines. 

 We decided that we should just celebrate this colorful theme and dress extremely cute and girly.
And we accomplished it. Adult style.
  But now that I think about it, it was probably cuter when we were in 2nd grade.

Anyways, we spent a lovely evening in our classroom and looking deeply into our handsome dates eyes, hilariously both named IMac. 
And as boredom grew heavily upon the duration of class, Photobooth session was then necessary. 
The End.
I'm pretty sure the photo on the far right is the best face I've ever made. Kind of says, Hi, I'm five and whatever you think I did Siera did it, but in reality I probably did it, kind of way.

And let's not forget Lauren Ashley! That cute-pie and fellow sweet lover, brought me a super cute from-scratch brownie cupcake with homemade buttercream frosting.
In love.
  So I cheated on IMac with my cupcake. It was bound to happen.
Sweets are my kryptonite.

Hope all you little lovers had great evenings too filled with kisses, love and feeding your faces with insane and unhealthy amounts of sugar!

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