Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Too Cute Tuesday again!

Yay it's Too Cute Tuesday my little cheerios!

Do you spot something missing in this photo? 
Siera didn't make it to school today, BUT she gets an honorable mention because she was at a taping of The George Lopez show and she still looked cute without us there! 
We'll send her cute vibes from school
cute vibes....wwhahahaha. (those were supposed to be the vibes)
So this very Too Cute Tuesday was just not the same but us Lauren's mustered up something and made some time to take a picture.
Although, getting someone to take the picture was rather awkward we got the job done.
The guy taking our picture's friend kept making awkward comments while his friend was taking pictures of us.

But put that aside today is a great and special day.
Why you ask?
Because it's 2sday, the 22nd in the 2nd month of the year.
2 is my favorite number. If you didn't know that already.
It's so lovely, and even, and balanced. I'm all about balance. My OCD is all about evens and balances. 
I'm the person that when there are 3 people in the car I MUST and always will sit in the back middle seat. I feel if I sit on either side the car is uneven.
Weirdo....yes? Maybe not?
Anyways, 2day (haha) is special and it turned out to be a good day!
Did you dress cute today?


  1. I will have to look out for this middle seat theory because I have never noticed it. And yes, I always dress cute. Pink ribbon and all.

  2. i will never miss too cute tuesday again! promise!