Saturday, February 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Myself and some other person where having a chat and something about weird things that happened to us when we were little came up. Then I thought about this random moment in my time of awkwardness.

When I had just mastered the art of riding my bike with no training wheels I had gone to a friends house after school one day. Awaiting my parents arrival, I had time to show off my sweet balancing skills.
As I was showing how well I maneuvered my two-wheeler I began to loose balance.
And I lost my balance right into a rose bush.
The roses broke my fall and caught me. Oh how nice of them right?
You know what wasn't nice....
wearing shorts that day.

Let's not forget the embarrassment afterwards when my friend's mom had to pick all the thorns out of my little toosh while I waited for my mom to arrive.
So traumatizing that I still remember that to this day, or I was quite the dramatic 5/6 year old.
Probably a mixture of both. Ha ha

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