Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New! Too Cute Tuesdays

Well I kind of lied, Too Cute Tuesdays isn't that new in reality. Myself, Siera, and Lauren Ashley have been participating in Too Cute Tuesdays for about 4 weeks now and it's actually been something I look forward to every week now.  It's almost like a homework assignment, but fun and that I actually do.
Our idea came by randomly deciding that at least once a week we should dress up and look cute. One day to substitute our sweats and slipper socks for a cute, fun and/or sassy outfit. 
Sometimes a cute outfit makes your day better.
Or maybe it's just me? ha.
Why Tuesday?
Um, I really don't know actually. But now we've started blogging about it. So every Tuesday I will be posting our Tuesday outfits here. 
This Tuesday was extra special, almost like our Valentine's Day edition. Well at the Art Institute of Advetising and Awesomeness they were throwing a big cookie decorating fiesta during lunch, and me being the sweet tooth that I am, decided to take up that offer for a free sweet. I mean I don't think anyone after reading my posts would second guess my actions.

I love cookies. School definitely speaks my language.


  1. Cute outfit Ren! Also, I want that cookie...

  2. Your outfits are rockin, and I think this is a great idea. I should probably do it myself, because usually I just don't care enough to get more creative than jeans and a t-shirt. :)