Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Yay for awkwardness!
Kind of like this random weird photoshoot I did with my roommate's dog, Wyatt (which took a lot of bribing). Whatever, he was so into it. 
And well I have a hard time taking pictures of myself (working on it), so I felt comfortable with the dog. Which just ends up being extremely awkward now that I think about it.
OOOOH awkward.

+Companies using rodents/housepets to sell their products, insurance, sandwiches, cellphones, cars.
+Automatic toilets, getting used to them, then going to a place where they don't have them and forget to flush the toilet, while girl is about to come into stall, turn around and yell WAIT! (and then having the toilet not flush after the first 3 times)
+Being only 1 of 2 people that showed up to class.
+Little boys that wear princess dresses at work.
+Trying to prove that I can fit in a highchair, and then almost getting stuck in one.
+Some random guy in class(but not in that class) Photoshop a picture of some half naked girl with his face only a 1/2 inch away from the screen (while wearing glasses), while making snorting noises.
+Wearing slipper socks and uggs together
+Laughing so hard you cry like 3 times in one night
+Consuming a week's worth of sugar in one day
+Finding Sonic near school (These are so hard to find in Southern California)
+Hopefully seeing the Mr. Man of Mine soon.
+Wearing the cutest heels ever, and those which you got a steal of a deal for
+Getting the whole CS5 package....for free
this one makes me so happy
+Learning how to edit my first movie,
I wish I had the patience for this to actually be an Editor one day


  1. The top left picture of you and wyatt has me cracking up!

  2. I for one, thought the pics with the dog were charming and cute. And is your Mr. Man Ben? Is that soooo five years ago? Maybe I should just wait until you put a picture of the two of you on here to find out?