Monday, February 14, 2011

Hair update....ya ya

Well I haven't been good at blogging this weekend, cause well I was sick but now I am feeling much better.
So much better I realized that I hadn't done an update on my hair growing process (since I know you all were waiting for it) in a loooong time. So it's late and I just came home from work so.....
1- my hair is extremely fluffy from being in a ponytail all night
2-I am wearing my ridiculously fashionable and flattering work shirt

(if it looks huge, it's because it is, I get it 3 sizes too big because apparently someone thought it was a good idea to button the top button of this shirt. SO since I consider breathing a necessity then I found my own way to make it work. End looking like a child that wears her dad's huge old t-shirts to bed. Memories anyone?)

And keep in mind I just got a trim 3 weeks ago people. But I think I've seem some progression.
This is my "Stank" face. Which means I probably just smell leftover MacNCheese or Spaghetti with Meatball Lollipops on my shirt.

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