Sunday, February 20, 2011

My little easy bake oven. I love you.

I have another lover.
I am pretty much in love with my bed. The best money I've ever spent.
After being doomed to an awful twin mattress for my entire childhood, drenched in flowery and pink comforters, it was time for my woman bed.  Queen, pillow top mattress with a sleigh-bed frame. And me and this bed have become great lovers.

After a long night of work. Muscles soar, feet aching.
I turn on my heat blanket super high before I hop into bed.
Do my nightly duties....
wash face
take out contacts
brush and floss teeth
get into pjs

and my favorite moment of the night. Here it comes...Sliding in to my bed with it all toasty warm. Like a big hug.
It's my own homemade version of My Easy Bake Oven. 
And I am toasted.

mmmmmm.....this is what heaven feels like?
Welcome to my Weekend. I love you my little Easy Bake Oven.
(Which I never got as a child, I guess my mom didn't want me to get exposed to the radiation from eating food baked goodies from a light bulb.)

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