Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Do you see what I see?
I see a lot of rain....AND it's Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!
Let's do it kiddies

+Peeing in a cup and trying so hard to get something out and nothing does, and when it finally does, well your hand isn't happy afterwards
+NOW (now that's what I call music) 37,  37?!?! Do people still buy those?
 I purchased NOW 5 when I was in junior high.
I believe Jumpin' Jumpin' by Destiny's Child was the major hit
+Trying to walk and drink out of a cup at the same time. I am challenged when it comes to this process, and the result always ends up on my shirt. A straw is pretty much needed at all times
+When teachers talk about smoking the doobies back in their day.
+Sour Patch Kids always getting stuck in your teeth and you try you're hardest to get it out.
+Acid wash jeans
I'm embarrassed for the person who invented them, I can only imagine how they feel

+Running 5.5 miles by myself
I want more! MORE!
+Dark wash jeans because they look so good on pretty much anyone
+Eating insane amounts of Sour Patch Kids
+Cookie bouquets....yes they make them and if my stomach could smile it would have the biggest grin. One of those, please
+Challenging myself to drink so much water that my pee is clear as day
Mission Accomplished
+Taking soda out of my diet and going strong for almost 2 weeks
if you know you well enough you know this one is hard for me. I mean I get free soda at work

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