Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jeez Louise....

Make myself a tuna fish sandwich before class to make sure that I get my fish/mercury intake for the week.
Driving to school and rub my face with my hands.
What do I smell?

Tuna. Sick.

*Now I know why I never wanted my mom to pack me tuna for lunch. Open your backpack and WHAM the whole class knows what you're having for lunch, and questioning whether you should eat it later.
Totally wanted to spare the embarrassment.

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  1. umm i am loving your blog. like a lot. you are so fashionable! and your comment about not being Lo made me crack up.

    i'm from oc too- where are you from?

    AND i sing in a "what a wonderful voice she has" way, but i'm pretty sure people are being real sarcastic when they say it.