Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

It's time for some awesomeness and some slightly awkwardness. I think I'm the only person with the most awkward looking pictures known to man. 
Yup. Pretty much looks like it.

Here we go!

+Accidentally calling the opposite sex, the opposite sex.
Hey, How's it going ladies.......oh sorry.
+When the sun is past the point of the sun visor and you can't do anything about it. Mad.
+This couple that probably could have starred in the sequel to Forest Gump. They would nail the parts of Forest and Jenny, hands down!
+When you're talking about someone and they just happened to be right behind you. (It was a good comment, okay. I just don't know them very much, like we don't even know each others name's)
+When you're making a weird butt motion and there's someone behind you, and not realizing it
+Some big and possibly drunk woman working the catwalk.....on the crosswalk of an intersection
+Dropping part of a candy bar down your shirt, it getting caught in your bra, and while you're trying to fish it out..... your teacher just happened to catch it. Yup.
+Which reminds me of how awkward it is when you get a hair down your shirt and you can't decided whether to dive in and get it or just leave it and go to the bathroom.

+2 Glee's in one week. 
Thank you.
+New sunglasses that I got a steal of a deal for
+2 workouts in one day, and feeling fabulous
+Popcorn chicken
+Finishing my first video project
+Experimenting with new recipes and them being a success!
+Having a cute day. Yes, that is possible!
+Playing the 40 year reunion of the Art Institute of Awesomeness
+Going to San Fran soon
+Having Siera dress me today because I am not good at it.
+Making the comment that I was going to work my buns (hair bun and actually body buns) to make some extra tips at work. 
Guess it worked.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH everytime I think about our 40 year reunion I can't help but LOL.

  2. I remember how much hair down your shirt bugged you in High School! You'd like wiggle down the hall because it tickeled ha ha! BTW, I LOVE reading your blog :)