Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Hump Day

Hey kiddies!
Well this little photo shoot isn't awkward at all now is it. I believe that cabin fever has set in. Although it is not raining and I could go outside, the only times I ever make it out of the house these days are for errands or school. Which leads me to going crazy.
Who else do you know that makes snow angels in their laundry? 
Probably no one.
All I can say is it was so warm.
(sorry if anyone got a peek of my undies. oops.)

+Falling off your own bed. 
Excuse me Lauren it's a thing called balance, you should look into that.
+When you're participating in an in depth conversation and go to take a swig of your bev AND then you can't find the straw. Then you just end up looking like a fool making some inappropriate tongue gestures.
+Awkward dads that while serving their table wink at me every time they ask me for something. 
Um sir, I don't know if you noticed but your wife and kids are siting right next to you.
But I can't tell if they are being incredibly creepy or just are one of those people that wink after everything without knowing that they are doing it. Kind of like the people that give thumbs up all the time whenever they give you a response.
Yes! (thumbs up)
+When you're drinking out of a drinking fountain at school and then suddenly the pressure decreases or increases depending on whether the toilets flush.
I'm not sure if I should be disgusted by this one or not.
+When you talk to fast and constantly spill over your words as if you were just in the middle of having a stroke.
Kind of like that woman from the news after the Grammys. You should look it up.

+Making that Cheddar
+No soda for almost 3 weeks now! Woo hoo!
+Guy on the freeway waving his hands all around like a buffoon. I can't tell if he's yelling at the car in front of him or he's taking part of his own rendition of a hard core Lil' Wayne song.
You go Glen Coco...Mean girls...anyone?
+Pancakes! Finally! Although, they weren't banana pancakes. They were quite delightful.
+On Friday during the World of Color(water show) at Disneyland(place of employment or my slavery, which ever you prefer) it was raining like cats and dogs when a gust of wind pretty much drenched the entire crowd to the point where you couldn't even see them.
Didn't think you were going to get a visit Disneyland and Sea World in one day huh?
(this one is mean but it was already raining and it's still totally awesome)

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  1. Haha! Awkward dads. That's just inappropriate.

    And yes. You go Glen Coco was kind of a high school catch phrase of mine, too! I also caught the "word vomit" reference on your blog history. So glad we're blog friends. :)